Itsme app achieves profitability with 6.7 million users

Itsme app achieves profitability with 6.7 million users
Illustration picture shows the Itsme smartphone application, a digital ID app, on a smartphone in Brussels, Thursday 28 May 2020. Credit: Belga/ Thierry Roge

Secure identification application itsme saw its number of users grow by 11% in Belgium, up to 6.7 million. Five years after the launch of the applications, which were developed in Belgium, the application is now profitable for its developers, the company announced on Tuesday.

A staggering 80% of Belgians between the ages of 16 and 74 now have an itsme account. The app is used to securely login into government services, and banking applications, and to verify identity for an array of official services. The application is often used as a replacement for E-Id card readers.

In 2022, the app was used to verify users’ identities 315 million times, with each user using the application around 47 times per year. This constitutes a 35% increase compared to 2021.

The “itsme Sign” feature, which allows the user to digitally sign documents and carries the same legal value as a handwritten signature, was used 1 million times, up 135% from the year before.

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The platform has a dominant position in helping to provide verification services to official administrative services across the Benelux region, but its private partnerships are also now growing. Itsme is increasingly used to connect to banks, insurers, gambling sites, phone providers, healthcare services, and more. The company now has over 900 official partners.

After developing in the Belgian, Dutch, and Luxembourgish markets, itsme has plans to expand its offering internationally.

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