Choices of price-conscious Belgians reshape the supermarket landscape

Choices of price-conscious Belgians reshape the supermarket landscape
Credit: Belga / Eric Lalmand

The rising cost of living has made Belgian consumers more price-conscious than ever, according to a report published in Het Laatste Nieuws. This has led to a shift in the supermarket landscape, with Aldi and Ahold Delhaize emerging as winners.

Both supermarkets have made gains through aggressive pricing in an increasingly competitive sector. Both have appealed to customers by offering a variety of promotions and discounts.

Another notable trend in the Belgian supermarket landscape is the growth of French supermarket chain Intermarché. Intermarché took over 86 independent stores from Groupe Mestdagh in early 2023, which has given it a significant presence in Wallonia and Brussels in stores that previously were Carrefour.

Intermarché's growth is likely due to its focus on fresh produce and competitive pricing. The chain has also been investing in new stores and renovations in recent years.

Whilst Aldi, Ahold Delhaize, and Intermarché have made inroads into Belgium's supermarket sector, other established chains are feeling the pinch as shoppers go elsewhere or spend less. Colruyt, the market leader, saw its market share decline in 2022. Two smaller supermarket chains Alvo and Louis Delhaize (a separate entity to Ahold Delhaize), are also struggling to compete with the larger chains.

Despite turbulent geopolitical tensions spelling no end to market instability, Aldi, Ahold Delhaize, and Intermarché are well-positioned to capitalise on the changing consumer trends.

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