Google launches AI-based job interview tool for candidates

Google launches AI-based job interview tool for candidates
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As part of the Grow with Google initiative, the American tech giant has just released the "Interview Warmup" tool to train the general public to pass job interviews.

This application, based on artificial intelligence, is able to ask questions related to the coveted position and formulate advice according to the answers provided.

Recruiters have been using artificial intelligence for some time to find the best profiles, especially in the automatic sorting of resumes. Interview Warmup is intended not for prospective employers, but for job candidates.

To have the best chances of success, it is better to arrive prepared for a job interview. With its tool, Google offers the chance to practice answering classic or more specific questions with the help of AI.

The tool is easy to use; just go to the application's website and choose a theme to train. For the moment, there are only six themes focused on digital (data analysis, e-commerce, COMPUTER support, UX Design ...), and it is possible to answer only in English.

Once this choice is made, the artificial intelligence will select five questions established by experts in the field.

Simply answer it aloud using speech recognition technology to transcribe the words (it is possible to modify the text directly during a potential transcription error). To practice, revise or perfect your speech, you can find advice provided by the tool at the end of the interview.

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These tips are formulated from the data collected by Google's algorithm in the candidates' answers. For example, the tool can alert them to the redundancies of words or sentences in their speech. It is also able to propose terms to replace them.

Interview Warmup can also report structural errors or shortcomings in responses. For now, the advice remains basic and lacks customisation. Google does not record the simulated job interview, but it is possible to obtain a transcript of the answers.

In recent years, the use of artificial intelligence in the professional sphere — particularly in recruitment — has undergone a strong evolution. Processing a plurality of data in a short time provides some help in selecting the best candidates.

This technology is becoming almost essential in this process. In the United States, 75% of employers use automatic recruitment software.

However, artificial intelligence has significant flaws and must remain simple support for the recruiter. Technology has generated other recruitment problems giving rise to the phenomenon, in particular, of "hidden workers".

These "hidden workers", who would number in the millions in the United States, would find themselves ousted by AI because of poorly calibrated automated criteria.

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