Twitter will relaunch a new paid authentication system on Monday

Twitter will relaunch a new paid authentication system on Monday
Elon Musk. Credit: Belga

After a few failed attempts, Twitter will relaunch its new subscription formula on Monday.

The new subscription formula will allow new subscribers to access to blue checkmark previously reserved for authenticated users.

In addition to the blue check mark, subscribers will be able to edit their tweets, upload 1080p videos, and access reader mode.

As announced by the company itself, the subscription formula will be more expensive for iPhone users who register through iOS. Anyone who registers through the app store will pay $11 a month, the rest $8.

It is unclear why registration will cost more through the App Store.

Until recently, the blue checkmark was designated for users whose identity Twitter had cleared.

Following Elon Musk's Twitter takeover, the billionaire promised that anyone could now get the blue check mark provided they pay for it. According to Musk, it will democratise the service.

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Yet many people took advantage of the announcement and changed their name to look like that of a celebrity or a company. Several fake accounts appeared, and after a few days, Twitter closed its Twitter Blue signup campaign.

The relaunch was set for the end of November but then postponed again. But on Monday, it appears the company will go ahead with the move.

Unclear if service will be adopted widely

Industry experts have questioned whether, considering Twitter's status as a small platform used for media professionals, politicians and academics, such a subscription service will be adopted, according to CNN.

The annual revenue of Twitter would be the quarter of tech giant Meta, even if all 217 million daily Twitter users at the end of 2021 signed up for Musk's subscription service.

Musk recently upended Twitter by firing half its global workforce, including half its ad sales, which would seem like bad news for a platform whose revenue is largely based on advertising.

The company has always had troubled turning its politically influential platform to a successful advertising business. But without the need to conform to the wishes of advertisers, Musk may now feel unshackled enough to implement what he considers 'free speech' on Twitter.

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