“Have faith” – that is the single phrase that I hear every time I am doubtful. Every time I think I'm at my wit’s end, I'm reminded I must have faith. How can I have something that I can't honestly see?

In that case, I have to have faith, in faith. Most people like myself focus on the bad in our lives but dispraise the good. Why is that? It seems that we pay too much attention to the negative opposed to the positive. There have been many situations where I've felt that there's no point in having faith because things didn’t go my way. For those who know me, when things don’t go my way, my attitude changes, my mannerisms change, I get frustrated and I become annoyed. Although that stems from my little faith I have in myself and in situations sometimes. I can't help but wonder why I operate that way. It's simple, I like to be in control of situations so I won't get hurt, look stupid or damage my pride in any way.

In my opinion, you can't be prideful and have faith, I've learned that the hard way. But why is it so easy to lose faith? It goes back to my question earlier. I think it's because we can't see it, we can't feel it, we just have to do it which makes it hard. In my case, I feel as though if start to have faith it's only because my certain situation didn’t go as planned and I'm hoping it does. That’s pretty bad though considering I'm only looking at it from a different standpoint which is a negative one.

If I start looking at it from a positive viewpoint it would probably sound a little like this; the more faith you have in anything, the more positive the outcome. When you put positive you get positive (unless you're doing math, that’s where it gets tricky). I feel we should all have faith, but not only when we need it but when we don’t either. Don’t use faith as an excuse to care out of nowhere, just care.

Always be vigilant and understand your situation, maybe the reason why things aren't what they are is because they shouldn’t, or couldn’t be in the first place. There're some things faith can't fix.

But where faith can't fix it, positivity can.

By Chloe Ridore

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