Belgian households spend 10% of their budget on transport

Belgian households spend 10% of their budget on transport
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Belgian households spent 11% of their budget on transport in 2019, according to a study by the Federal Planning Bureau, placing it as the third-largest expenditure item, after housing (24%) and food (13%).

Brussels households spend much less on average on transport than households in Flanders and Wallonia, mostly attributed to the urban landscape with its extensive public transport.

Brussels households spent an average of 2,494 euros a year on transport costs. In Flanders, this cost rose to 4,094 euros, and in Wallonia, 4,362 euros on average.

However, compared with other neighbouring and EU countries, Belgium has a relatively low share of transport costs for total household expenditure, New Mobility reports.

In Brussels, only 53% of households have at least one car, compared with around 85% in the other two regions, with their citizens spending more on public transport.

The costs associated with owning a car (fuel, maintenance, etc.) account for more than half of Belgians’ expenditure on transport. These costs have increased (+102%) between 1995 and 2019 after adjusting for inflation, an increase that is mainly explained by rising fuel prices.

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