European airports have a 33 billion euro environmental cost

European airports have a 33 billion euro environmental cost
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The environmental cost of 33 European airports is 33 billion euros, according to European Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc quoting a recent study in La Libre and Le Soir.

The figures were disclosed to airlines management at the summit of the International Air Transport Association in Seoul last weekend.

The environmental costs are due to noise, CO2 emissions and the impact on climate change of 33 airports examined in the study.

"I have to be honest with you, we thought this figure would be far lower," the commissioner told La Libre Belgique.

Bulc stresses that "the price paid by passengers on planes almost covers infrastructure costs, but not the environmental costs." "We cannot continue to accumulate such high costs of aviation or any other mode of transportation. We have to address the situation, and quickly," she told Le Soir.

By unveiling this study, is the Commissioner preparing the sector for a kerosene tax? "It is not ruled out. It is one of the tools we can use to limit the negative environmental impact. But it will be for the next Commission to decide," Bulc replied.

The study is to be published officially next week.

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