Young people lead the way in fighting aggression on public transport

Young people lead the way in fighting aggression on public transport

A group of young people is to join forces with the Brussels public transport authority Stib this week to help battle sexual harassment on public transport. The campaign is part of the organisation’s fights against intimidation in all spheres. The launch of the campaign coincides with World Girls’ Day this coming Thursday, which will be preceded by a Girls’ Summit.

One of the 14 young people taking part in the BruxELLES group from Plan International Belgium is 15-year-old Romane, a young woman who will become CEO of the transport authority for a day. The aim of the worldwide campaign, she explained, is to raise awareness of women’s rights.

“We want the Stib to be better managed, so that metro passengers and Stib employees can better react in cases of sexual intimidation,” she told Bruzz.

Meanwhile An Van Hamme, spokesperson for the Stib explained the authority’s role. “Though this is not part of our authority, and is something that doesn’t only happen on public transport, Stib is also confronted with he problem of sexual intimidation.” The Stib has already started working together with BruxELLES.

The youth group will meet with Stib employees over the coming months, ranging from drivers to managers. At the end of May, the young people will present their conclusions and recommendations.

But the Stib alone is not the problem, Romane said. “This is a problem for the whole of Brussels. In the trams, in the street, in the parks. If it’s late, I prefer not to go outside alone. Sometimes I’m afraid,” she said.

Alan Hope
The Brussels Times

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