Police protest in front of Walloon Government offices

Police protest in front of Walloon Government offices
Credit: Bruno Fahy/Belga.

Trade unions representing police officers gathered in front of the Walloon government's offices on Wednesday in protest over the current deadlock between police and the Federal Government over pay rise and pensions.

The protest took place after unions felt that federal authorities had "breached their trust" after a pay rise promised in last year's federal budget has been spread over a three-year period, despite now amounting to €2,128.84 each year.

However, officers who had expected a €1,000 salary rise from the start of 2023 were critical, also directing frustration towards planned pension reforms. Union spokesperson Eddy Quaino stated that "given the difficulty and the danger of the job, the planned changes are unacceptable."

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As a result, the protesting unions met with Walloon parliamentarians to discuss their grievances. "As these are local authorities they know the importance of having good local police," Quaino said.

A strike notice will be filed by the CGSP police union from 15 February until 3 March. They warned that this is "only the beginning of our actions."

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