Hyacinth flower festival officially opens at Hallerbos forest

Hyacinth flower festival officially opens at Hallerbos forest
The Hallerbos in bloom. © David Edgar/Wikimedia

Flemish Nature and Tourism Minister Zuhal Demir officially inaugurated the annual Hyacinth flower Festival at the Hallerbos forest on Saturday morning.

After a two-year break in organised visits due to the pandemic, the public can now enjoy the festival once again. The flowers will bloom for at least two weeks.

The organisers hope the public will visit the forest by foot, on cycle or by public transport.

“On the many days that promise to be busy, our city will produce free bus shuttles from De Hal train station, Mayor Marc Snoeck explained. “Free cycles rentals are also scheduled at the train station.

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Visitors arriving in vehicles will be directed to the parking areas.

To channel visitors correctly, three trails have been prepared and volunteers are on stand-by to show tourists the way.

“The biggest threat to the wild hyacinths is trampling,” Patrick Huvenne, regional director for the Nature and Forests Agency, said. “If their leaves are flattened, they will not spring new bulbs next year.”

To avoid trampling, 19 kilometres of rope have been placed along the promenade trails.

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