Lithuania first European country to fully drop Russian gas

Lithuania first European country to fully drop Russian gas
Lithuania's president Gitanas Nausėda. Credit: Belga

Lithuania will no longer import gas from Russia, becoming the first European country fully independent from Russian gas. The other Baltic States are also temporarily stopping their flow in response to Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.

Instead, Lithuania now relies on liquefied natural gas from their "Independence" terminal and gas brought in by tankers through the Klaipéda LNG terminal. After three large shipments that arrived last month, Lithuania’s total energy needs are satisfied for the coming period.

In case more gas is needed, it can be supplied via a pipeline to neighbouring Latvia, and Lithuania’s connection with Poland, of which the construction had been accelerated in view of the Russian aggression, will be ready as of 1 May.

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On Saturday, not a single drop of gas entered Lithuania via the Russian pipeline via Belarus, the country’s Prime Minister tweeted, and the energy ministry said it will remain that way.

Exemplary energy

The Baltic states, former USSR countries, are at the forefront of the EU in securing the bloc’s independence on Russian oil and gas, even more so since the country’s invasion of Ukraine.

Lithuania no longer needs to worry about Russia’s requirement to pay oil and gas in rubles and urges the rest of the EU to do the same. The Baltic country wanted to set an example to other European countries and prove that it was possible.

“Years ago, my country made decisions that today allow us to cut energy ties with the aggressor without pain,” Lithuanian President Gitanas Nausėda said. “If we can do it, the rest of Europe can too!”

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