Kyiv Mayor thanks Brussels and its people

Kyiv Mayor thanks Brussels and its people
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Kyiv Mayor Vitaly Klitschko has issued a videotaped message thanking Brussels, Belgium, and its people for their solidarity and generosity towards Ukraine and its inhabitants, severely affected by the Russian invasion since 24 February.

Klitschko – the former world heavyweight boxing champion and now mayor – sent the video to Brussels Mayor Philippe Close. It was aired on Friday at a plenary session of the Parliament of Brussels.

President of the Brussels Parliament Rashid Madrane welcomed the swell of solidarity for Ukraine and its people: “The men and women of Brussels have not lagged behind. I would like to salute the solidarity and generosity demonstrated by residents."

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In his message, Vitaly Klitschko referred to “genocide” against Ukraine’s population and the deaths of “thousands of civilians” in a “senseless” war launched by the Russian Federation in Ukraine.

Klitschko said Ukrainians need support from their friends, international assistance, and political aid. He pledged that Ukraine "will never forget the real friends who support us in these critical times".

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