European Parliament corruption scandal: Belgian MEP Tarabella released

European Parliament corruption scandal: Belgian MEP Tarabella released
Belgian MEP Marc Tarabella. Credit: Belga

In the investigation into corruption within the European Parliament, Belgian MEP Marc Tarabella has been released but remains under electronic surveillance and must be available should investigators need additional information.

Tarabella had been held at Saint-Gilles Prison since being arrested in early February until he was recently moved to the Marche-en-Famenne prison: a mere 30-minute drive from his home in Anthisnes.

"We were relieved to learn that Marc Tarabella will soon be released," his spokesperson told Bruzz. Tarabella was placed under arrest in February because his name surfaced in the Qatargate investigation into corruption in the European Parliament.

It concerns alleged attempts Qatar and Morocco to influence the economic and political decisions of the European Parliament through former Italian MEP Pier Antonio Panzeri and his non-profit organisation Fight Impunity.

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Panzeri, meanwhile, has signed a "repentance agreement," meaning he will collaborate with the investigation. In his recent hearings, Panzeri allegedly said that Tarabella was to receive a total of €250,000 by the end of the legislature in 2024. Earlier, Tarabella strongly disputed that.

"Marc Tarabella has always pleaded his innocence; he has also always said that he is not to blame and that he has never received money or gifts in exchange for his opinion," his spokesperson reiterated.

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