EU launches toolkit to improve children's online safety

EU launches toolkit to improve children's online safety
Credit: Belga

The European partners of the SafeOnline Initiative (ESOI) are launching a ready-to-use toolkit for European organisations that want to help parents to improve their children’s online safety, the ChildFocus Foundation announced on Monday.

Under the name of ‘SafeOnline Prototype’ and with the support of ChildFocus, this video guide provides all the practical information needed to develop a digital safety training project.

With more than 2,000 educators sensitised in 2022 in five countries, ESOI aims to inform parents on how to address good digital practices with their children, in a context of positive education.

In particular, the training sessions are designed to help parents better understand young people’s use of social networks, as well as the risks and opportunities inherent in the digital world.

These projects were inspired by the Flemish initiative “Veilig Online”, which also organises information sessions on children’s online safety, and whose action has been replicated in five other countries and regions, including French-speaking Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece and Romania.

In view of this example and the possibility of adapting these training courses to very different contexts, the ESOI then decided to create the 'SafeOnline Prototype,' and to make this panel of tools available to all European organisations that would request them.

Five main themes are addressed: social networks, privacy, video games, cyberbullying, online relationships and sexuality. Ultimately, the aim is to increase the level of digital media literacy within families as well as to empower children about their online activities.

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