Almost one-third of all coronavirus tests are positive

Almost one-third of all coronavirus tests are positive
Covid-19 test lab. Credit: Belga

More than 30 out of 100 coronavirus tests undertaken is now positive in Belgium as a result of the rapid spread of the Omicron variant.

The positive rate of Covid-19 tests is now 30.15%, according to preliminary Sciensano figures of Sunday 16 January, shared by Federal Health Minister Frank Vandenbroucke’s cabinet. This means that almost a third of the tests carried out are now positive.

During the seven-day period from 6 to 12 January, 614,138 tests were carried out, of which 185,188 were positive. However, a new testing strategy is in place since Monday, meaning vaccinated people who have had a high-risk contact are no longer required to have a PCR test done, which could have an impact on the positivity rate.

Between the same period, an average of 24,890 infections was recorded every day, representing a 42% increase in this average. The increase in this figure is considerably less than one week ago.

The latest figures from Sciensano, covering the period from 5 to 11 January, show that the Omicron strain represents 86.4% of new infections, meaning almost 15% of infections is still with the more pathogenic Delta variant. 

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Between 9 and 15 January, an average of 196 patients with the coronavirus were admitted per day, up 7% on the seven days previous.

On Saturday, some 2,083 people were still being treated in hospital, 23 fewer than on Friday, while some 391 Covid-19 patients were being treated in intensive care, down by 19 from the previous day.

As of Thursday, more than 8.82 million people are fully vaccinated – 88% of Belgium’s adult population and 77% of the total population.

Meanwhile, almost 5.66 million people have received a booster dose of a coronavirus vaccine, representing 61% of over -18s and 49% of the entire population. The majority of adults should have had the opportunity to get a booster dose by March 2022.

On Sunday and Monday, Sciensano and Vandenbroucke’s provide a summary figure update. An entire update of the coronavirus figures will be published on Tuesday morning.

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