Wallonia announces plan to improve access to healthcare

Wallonia announces plan to improve access to healthcare
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In order to guarantee financial and geographical accessibility to health care, Wallonia will strengthen the social role of its medical centres, particularly in the most vulnerable areas.

Nearly half of the approved medical homes in Wallonia will be able to hire a part-time social worker to offer more help and care to the population, according to the Walloon Minister of Health, Christie Morreale.

The main objective of this future service will be to help people who are most at risk. It will also be a question of helping them obtain preferential medical rates or rights according to their status, said Morreale.

"Given the current situation in terms of purchasing power, it is important to strengthen and raise awareness of these financially accessible health services for all. Treating yourself should not be an optional expense," she said.

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In addition, as part of Wallonia's Recovery Plan and Poverty Reduction Plan, the service offer of medical homes will also be strengthened for LGBTQIA+ people. Agreements for the physical, psychological and social care of the LGBTQIA + community will be signed between each of the seven Rainbow Houses (specialised locations for LGBTQIA+ associations) and a medical centre in their territory.

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