Less than 50% of people in Flanders take autumn Covid booster

Less than 50% of people in Flanders take autumn Covid booster
Credit: Belga

Around 2.8 million people in Flanders have benefited from an Autumn Covid-19 booster, Flemish Minister of Health and Family Hilde Crevits announced in a press release on Thursday. This accounts for just 42% of the Flemish population and 52% of those over 18, despite government recommendations to take the additional booster.

Vaccination rates are highest among groups considered at most risk for a Covid-19 infection. In total, over 80% of those aged 65-79 have taken the booster, and 71% of all those over 80.

About 25,000 people also went to their local GP or pharmacist during the autumn vaccination period to receive their first shot of the vaccine.

The results suggest a general ambivalence towards the boost from the majority of the Belgian public, but impressive results in protecting those most vulnerable to the virus.

“I am especially pleased that the most vulnerable target groups have again had themselves vaccinated in large numbers. After all, a vaccine offers good protection against the coronavirus. A vaccination rate of more than 70% in the two oldest population groups is therefore a good result,” said Crevits.

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According to the Minister, the Flemish Government is still planning to administer more booster shots within the coming weeks. Anyone wanting to be vaccinated as part of the campaign can still do so, either at a GP or pharmacist.

Planned vaccinations are expected to significantly decrease through the winter. Currently, around 8,700 vaccines are now administered per week.

In Wallonia, some 685,000 Walloons have received a booster dose, according to recent figures from the Walloon Minister of Health, Christie Morreale.

In the French-speaking region, the new vaccination coverage exceeds 55% for those over 65 and 37% for those aged 55-64.

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