Hidden Belgium: The Belgian Stonehenge

Hidden Belgium: The Belgian Stonehenge

Wéris is a strange village made up of old stone and half-timbered houses clustered around an ancient church.

People are drawn to this peaceful spot in the Ardennes by the Neolithic standing stones and dolmens scattered across the hills around the village.

You can follow marked trails through fields of maize that lead to isolated standing stones, such as the impressive Dolmen d’Oppagne, which lies hidden in a hollow surrounded by four old oak trees.

Another trail leads through woods to an abandoned quarry and a standing stone called the Lit du Diable that is painted white by locals every year to drive away the devil.

The information centre Maison des Mégalithes in the village sells a useful map to the sites and there are several good restaurants where you can eat Ardennes food and drink a local craft beer.

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