Hidden Belgium: The emerging Brussels craft beer district

Hidden Belgium: The emerging Brussels craft beer district

Craft breweries are opening up all over Brussels, but the biggest concentration is in the Tour et Taxis neighbourhood. This area of vanished railway lines and abandoned warehouses is now home to three small breweries.

You might begin a little beer tour by dropping into La Source Beer Co. Located inside a warehouse once owned by the French aperitif firm Byrrh, this beer hotspot has five craft beers for you to try, along with a kids’ playground to keep little ones busy.

A short walk through the new Tour et Taxis park brings you to a brewery established by the Brasserie de la Senne. Located on the edge of urban wasteland, it’s a friendly spot to sit down with a glass of their iconic Zinnebir.

Not far away, En Stoemelings has settled down in this emerging neighbourhood to brew a range of distinctive beers, including the malty triple Curieuse Neus and the more experimental Smokey McSmoke.

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