Hidden Belgium: Fripon

Hidden Belgium: Fripon

Hotel restaurants are becoming trendy local spots to eat out in Brussels. The Jam Hotel serves Asian street food. The Moxy has a Belgian menu. And the vintage hotel Le Berger draws a mix of locals and tourists to its relaunched and renamed restaurant Fripon.

Located in a quiet back street of Ixelles, Le Berger was once a louche rendezvous hotel where couples would book a room by the hour. But then it became a trendy vintage hotel with an interior that evokes jazz age Belgium. A cool, sexy place.

The restaurant is a relaxed, sober space with a few art deco touches from the old days. Its name seems to fit the location. A fripon, according to the dictionary, is a rascal, a scallywag. A zinneke, you might want to say.

The restaurant was originally Italian. Then it switched to traditional Belgian cuisine. Now the kitchen focuses on a small innovative menu with several vegetarian dishes.

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