Former mayor Dimitri Fourny is back under police scrutiny

Former mayor Dimitri Fourny is back under police scrutiny
Credit: Belga

Former Mayor of Neufchâteau Dimitri Fourny is the target of a new police inquiry, SudInfo reported on Friday.

The former mayor is reported to have tried to evade a police check in August last.

"An investigation is underway against Mr. Fourny following a police check that took place in Chassepierre (Florenville) during the month of August," Anne-Sophie Guilmot, press magistrate for the Luxembourg public prosecutor's office, told RTBF. "The investigation is not over. We won't say more," she added.

According to La Meuse, the former Neufchâteau mayor was arrested after trying to evade the police check.

Fourny is already a respondent in another case, regarding the use of false proxies during municipal elections in Neufchâteau in 2018. The Mons Council Chamber decided in April to refer that case, which involves 22 defendants including Fourny, to the Correctional Court.

The defendants, including the former mayor, appealed against that decision in May.

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