Three more people charged in Brussels over terrorist plot

Three more people charged in Brussels over terrorist plot
Credit: Belga / James Arthur Gekiere

The three other suspects that were arrested in Brussels during an anti-terror operation on Monday evening have been charged with participation in a terrorist group's activities, Belga News Agency reports. 

One of the suspects in Brussels has been charged for his role in plotting a terror attack. The other two men detained in the Belgian capital face a single charge of participating in a terrorist group's operations.

Seven of the eight suspects arrested on Monday have now been charged. Investigators in Antwerp charged four detainees for attempted terrorist murder earlier on Wednesday, while the remaining three were charged in Brussels on Wednesday night.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office also that most of the charged suspects were in their early 20s, five of whom were Belgian nationals while the two hailed from Turkey and Bulgaria.

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All seven suspects will now appear in front of a Council Chamber on Monday, 3 April, where the conditions of their pre-trial detention will be decided.

Exposed terrorist plot

On Monday, the Federal Judicial Police conducted searches in municipalities in Merksem, Borgerhout, and Deurne in Antwerp; and in Brussels, police raided addresses in Schaerbeek, Molenbeek-Saint-Jean and nearby Zaventem.

While no weapons or explosives were found, eight men were taken in for questioning. Five of them were from Brussels, with the other three having been arrested in Antwerp.

Among those detained, some of the individuals were already known to police for being radical Islamic extremists, two of whom were already under the police's radar as a potential risk.

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