Protest at the American embassy over abortion rights

Protest at the American embassy over abortion rights
Protest for abortion rights in the states. Credit: Unsplash

Hundreds of women and men as well took to the streets at the US embassy in Brussels on Thursday evening to denounce the repeal of abortion rights in the US, reported Bruzz.

The protesters warned that the decision could have a knock-on effect in countries with dubious sexual and reproductive rights.

Last week, the US Supreme court overturned Roe v Wade, which gives US states the power to determine their own abortion laws. Abortion has already been banned in states such as Wisconsin, Alabama, and Kentucky, while states including Texas, Mississipi and Tennessee are expected to ban the practice shortly.

Consequences outside of Europe

Human rights activists believe the move is a step back in time and amounts to a severe attack on women's health, autonomy and rights. The women's movements fear that the decision will have consequences outside the United States and set an example for anti-choice movements as well as fuel misogyny and sexism.

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At the Brussels rally, women expressed their discontent, chanting "solidarity with women around the world" and "my body my choice", while protest signs read "ban abortion = kill vulnerable women". Other signs said "angry women will change the world, "you have blood on your hands", "regulate weapons, not our bodies" or "keep religion out of women's lives."

Demonstrators called for the French socialists and Flemish liberals to include abortion in the Belgian constitution, also urging for abortion laws to be eased further. In Belgium, as well as many other European countries, women can have an abortion up to the 12th week of pregnancy.

Protesters have gathered in front of US embassies across several European capitals, including Dublin, Luxembourg and London to condemn the US ruling and stand in solidarity with American women.

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