Taxis announce strike on 26 November in Brussels

Taxis announce strike on 26 November in Brussels
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The Brussels taxi unions FeBeT, Taxis United, ATB and UPETTC are calling a strike for  26 November 2019 from 9:30 AM at the Gare du Nord, they stated on Tuesday. They want to demonstrate their discontent as a response to lack of reform in the sector.

Brussels taxi drivers have been complaining for years about the unfair competition that has led to the Uber company's appearance in the capital. Uber drivers, who transport passengers and have the authorisation to drive limousines, are subject neither to the rules nor obligation to possess a licence like taxi drivers.

The taxi sector is demanding the 1995 Order on taxi services and services offering a driver with a vehicle for hire is looked at again. The government had placed this proposal on the table, but no measures have since been taken.

"The government stated in September that it was planning reform to combat Uber's unfair competition. Uber always interprets the legislation as it wishes, but when Airbnb and shared scooters arrived, everything was adapted immediately," Khalid Ed-Denguir, the president of FeBeT, complained.

The procession of taxis will set off from the Gare du Nord and head towards the office of the Brussels Minister-President Rudi Vervoort "to ask the government to finally put concrete proposals on the table and set a fast-track agenda."

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