Brussels e-bike start-up Cowboy expands to the UK, Italy and Spain

Brussels e-bike start-up Cowboy expands to the UK, Italy and Spain
Credit: Facebook/Cowboy

E-bikes made by the Belgian start-up Cowboy are now on sale at a selection of outlets, including several Fnac, Fiets! and Decathlon stores, the company announced on Monday.

This represents an important change of direction for the young company, which up until now only made sales via its website. The company is furthermore expanding into three new foreign markets and as a result, has a presence in a total of eight countries.

Some twenty stores will soon have the Cowboy bike on sale, with staff from the start-up sometimes being on the spot to provide customers with information. The bike will also be available on-line on the stores' own websites.

Introducing this bike for sale through retail outlets is new territory for Cowboy because until now it could only be ordered through the company web site.  "To sustain this growth, we are looking at all potential distribution channels, including the retail. If this first test run in Belgium is conclusive, the potential for rapid growth is massive, including in other markets," Adrien Roose, CEO and co-founder of Cowboy, explained.

The start-up is expanding into three new markets, appearing in the United Kingdom at the beginning of this month. The bike will be available in Italy and Spain by the end of November. Cowboy was already active in five countries from April, when the launch of the new model coincided with the firm's breakthroughs in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and France.

In total, Cowboy bikes have already covered more than 3 million kilometres, which is equivalent to a saving of more than 400 tonnes in CO2 emissions. Up to now, the e-bike's sales have increased fivefold compared to the past year.

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