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COVID-19 self-testing kits sell like hot cakes in Germany

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The German supermarket chain, Aldi, has begun to sell COVID-19 self-testing kits in Germany and, according to Der Westen daily, the kits are selling like hot cakes.

The price of a box of five antigen test strips is 25 euros. The result of the test, whose reliability is estimated at 96%, shows up in about 15 minutes.

Other supermarkets should start selling the tests soon, including Müller, which plans to have them on its shelves by Tuesday.

At an Aldi branch in Düsseldorf, over 80 customers were waiting in line outside the supermarket at 7:00 AM, when it was scheduled to open, according to a journalist from the Rheinische Post.

One of the customers said the scene was reminiscent of the communist Democratic Republic of Germany (1949-1990) era.

Each customer is allowed only one box of strips, but despite that restriction, the stock was easily sold out.

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