Poland to restrict travel by Russian diplomats

Poland to restrict travel by Russian diplomats

Poland has announced that it will impose restrictions on Russian diplomats’ movements in the country in response to Moscow’s involvement in “hybrid warfare.”

“These will be limitations on the movement of Russian diplomats in our country,” Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski told the media in Brussels.

He said the restrictions stemmed from Russia’s involvement in destabilising activities against the European Union (EU), including Poland.

The restrictions will affect all diplomatic staff and other embassy personnel in Warsaw, except the ambassador.

Diplomats will only be permitted to move within the central Mazovia region, and consuls within the provinces where they work, the minister explained.

Poland recently revealed the arrest of several individuals, suspected of sabotage on behalf of Russian intelligence services. The suspects are accused of assaults, arson and attempted arson..

In mid-May, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk announced a strengthening of Polish intelligence services following Moscow-directed activities intended to destabilise Poland, according to Warsaw.

Tusk also claimed that several sabotage attempts had been thwarted, “thanks to the vigilance of our services and allies.”

Following Warsaw’s announcement, Russia promised retaliatory measures against Poland. “We will ensure that the Polish leaders, who are overcome with Russophobia, greatly regret the next anti-Russian measures taken,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova is quoted as saying by Russian news services.

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