Dutroux Affair: father of one of the victims writes ‘the truth’ about the case

Dutroux Affair: father of one of the victims writes ‘the truth’ about the case
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The father of Eefje Lambrecks, who was kidnapped and murdered by Marc Dutroux, and his partner Els Schreurs have written a new book entitled: “Dossier Dutroux: la vérité” (Dutroux file: the truth).

Lambrecks and Schreurs are still searching for the truth about what happened to the young girls kidnapped and killed by Dutroux.

The couple were helped in their search by Jean-Pierre Adam, one of the principal investigators of the Neufchâteau cell.

25 years ago, on Sunday 23 August, Eefje Lambrecks and An Marchal disappeared in Ostend and were only found one year and 12 days later.

“The book came about because we still don’t know exactly what happened to the children. There are elements that have not been investigated and that do not correspond to the version known to everyone,” Schreurs explained on Tuesday.

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The investigation suggested that Dutroux was a paedophile acting alone who had committed the facts simply to meet his needs. That point of view was not shared by the Lambrecks and other parents. “The official reading of all the documents does not provide answers to all these questions,” Schreurs pointed out.

Lambrecks, for his part, believes that Dutroux was part of a larger international criminal network with ramifications in the Netherlands and Germany.

There is, for example, the trail of a doctor who, shortly after the disappearance of Julie and Mélissa’s, two other Dutroux victims, saw a red Ford Fiesta at the scene of their disappearance. “He had written it in a letter and handed it over to the then gendarmerie in September. He had even given the first numbers and a first letter of the license plate. According to Liège investigators, this was not verifiable.”

“The license plate was in the name of the wife of a person close to Dutroux, who was also present at the Hotel Brazil in Blankenberge. This therefore constitutes a link between the disappearance of Julie and Melissa and Dutroux and that of An and Eefje. If this point had been investigated, perhaps a lot of human suffering would have been spared,” added Schreurs.

“We want to prove that concrete clues have not been examined. Senior investigator Jean-Pierre Adam has been involved (…) in the investigation, but has clearly been met with reluctance,” said Schreurs and Lambrecks, who have spent nine years searching for the truth.

“In the book, we corroborate everything with statements and reports from the file,” they said.

Marc Dutroux, Michelle Martin and their accomplice Michel Lelièvre had been condemned in June 2004 by the Court of Assizes of Arlon. Dutroux was sentenced to life imprisonment. As for Michelle Martin, who was sentenced to 30 years in prison, and Michel Lelièvre, who had been sentenced to 25 years, have been released in the meantime.

Lambrecks and Schreurs’ book will be be available as of Friday.

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