Amnesty International creates ‘danger zone’ at Belarusian embassy in Brussels

Amnesty International creates ‘danger zone’ at Belarusian embassy in Brussels
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Human rights organisation Amnesty International demarcated the Belarusian embassy in Brussels as a danger zone with warning signs and ribbons on Thursday.

The act was a symbolic action by which the organisation wanted to express its dissatisfaction with the situation that arose in Belarus after the re-election of President Aleksandr Lukashenko. The election results are regarded as falsified and protests ensued, with thousands of demonstrators, bystanders, politicians and journalists getting arrested..

The warning signs read: “Warning! You are entering an area at risk of torture.” The signs were placed around the embassy of Belarus and demarcated with a ribbon.

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“Police brutality has become a common practice in Belarus. Criticism of policy will not be tolerated. Amnesty International is asking for the immediate release of all those who have been imprisoned because they peacefully stand up for their opinions,” said Amnesty International Flanders spokeswoman Lore Van Welden.

“Torture and other excessive police violence must stop immediately and the allegations about it must be seriously investigated.”

Human rights activists also carried signatures of a petition launched by Amnesty against the issue in Belarus. They were put in the mailbox after no one from the embassy wanted to accept the petition.

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