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Boris Johnson hires personal trainer to lose weight

Credit: Belga
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has hired a personal trainer in an effort to lose weight following his battle with Covid-19 in April.

His time in the intensive care unit reportedly changed his attitude towards obesity and the national approach to it.

Johnson had acknowledged that he was “too fat” after he ended up in intensive care in April due to a Covid-19 infection.

Since he was discharged from hospital, the Prime Minister said he had been working “steadily” on his condition.

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In July, Johnson said that he does not normally like patronising. He did say that the British should lose weight in case there is a second wave of Covid-19. The Cabinet has previously announced that TV commercials about junk food would no longer air on television before 9:00 PM.

Belgium’s Federal Public Health Service already said at the end of April that people with obesity were at a higher risk of being harder hit by coronavirus.

The Brussels Times