Thousands of protesters demand resignation of Bulgarian government

Thousands of protesters demand resignation of Bulgarian government
Credit: Belga

Thousands of protesters in Sofia, Bulgaria, gathered outside Parliament on the day of the first autumn session to call for the resignation of the government.

Protests started in July as prime minister Boyko Borissov and chief prosecutor Ivan Geshev were accused of willingly and knowingly delaying investigations on corrupt officials and the nature of their relationships with the elite.

The protest started at 8:00 AM and was still ongoing 11 hours later.

Activists threw eggs, apples, tomatoes and fake 500 euro notes and tried to enter the building. They were stopped by a cordon of policemen, who were then pelted with stones and bottles. Tear gas was used by both police and protesters.

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The protesters have the support of President Rumen Radev, who today, in his speech to parliamentarians, once again demanded Borissov’s resignation.

Borissov, however, made it clear that he does not want to resign and wants to continue with his government.

On 14 August, Borissov in a televised address proposed a change of constitution instead of his resignation. In the meantime, the ruling party has gathered enough signatures by MP to bring the new constitution before a Grand National Assembly.

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