US Elections: Trump hints at possibility of defeat for the first time

US Elections: Trump hints at possibility of defeat for the first time
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Only “time will tell” which administration will be heading the United States, US President Donald Trump said on Friday, the nearest he has come in publicly entertaining the possibility of losing the presidential election.

Speaking on the new coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic from the White House Rose Garden in his first public address since mainstream media announced his defeat – which he has fiercely denied – Trump ruled out a nationwide lockdown, even though infections have spiked in recent weeks.

“Whatever happens in the future, who knows, which administration, I guess time will tell,” Trump said. “I can tell you this administration will not go to a lockdown.”

Trump’s statements were much less categorical than his recent tweets, in which he repeatedly claimed the elections had been rigged. He made no other reference to the election result and concluded his remarks without fielding questions from the press, an uncharacteristic move.

His remarks came before the announcement of election results from two States, Georgia and North Carolina, where counting had been delayed.

US mainstream media awarded Georgia to Democratic contender Joe Biden and North Carolina to Trump, thus confirming Biden’s election victory, with 306 electoral votes to 232 for Trump.

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