Coronavirus: Over 400,000 deaths in Europe

Coronavirus: Over 400,000 deaths in Europe
Credit: Belga

Over 400,000 deaths linked to the novel Coronavirus have been registered in Europe so far, according to the latest tally by the French news agency, AFP, based on statistics provided by health authorities by Saturday at about 8.00 GMT.

Europe is the region with the second highest number of fatalities and cases, with 400,649 deaths and 17,606,370 infections. Only Latin America and the Caribbean has higher fatality figures, with 444,026 deaths for 12,825,500 cases.

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Over the past seven days, 36,147 fatalities were recorded in Europe, the highest weekly death toll since the start of the pandemic.

Five countries account for two-thirds of the deaths in the region: the United Kingdom (57,551 deaths for 1,589,301 infections); Italy (53,677 deaths; 1,538,217 infections); France (51,914 deaths; 2,196,119 infections), Spain (44,668 deaths; 1,628,208 infections) and Russia (39,068 deaths; 2,242,633 infections).

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