Thousands evacuated as wildfires ravage Greece

Firefighters are currently working to extinguish over 100 wildfires blazing across Greece, which is experiencing the worst heatwave in over thirty years.

Greece's Civil Protection Chief, Nikos Hardalias said that 118 wildfires broke out over the past 24 hours alone in the country, with government officials warning of tough days ahead. Thousands have already been evacuated from several suburbs north of Athens.

On 3 August, the capital saw temperatures climb to as high as 45 degrees Celsius.

Meanwhile, an EU disaster response group has announced that firefighters and emergency equipment were being sent to Greece. Wildfires have also broken out in Italy, Albania, and North Macedonia.

An initial calculation by the National Observatory of Athens indicates that between 1 August and 4 August, around 14,826 acres were burned in Greece's wildfires.

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