Half of all Americans fully vaccinated against Covid

Half of all Americans fully vaccinated against Covid
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Half of all people in the United States have been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus, a senior White House official said on Twitter on Friday.

According to data from the U.S. health authorities, 49.9% of Americans had had both doses of a vaccine by Thursday, while 61% had had at least one.

However, the overall figures mask huge disparities between the various states and territories.

At one end of the scale, Washington D.C. has the highest percentage of fully vaccinated people, according to a daily tracker on the progression of the virus and efforts to fight it, maintained and updated regularly by Johns Hopkins University.

The top end of the scale further includes states in the Northeast, Vermont (68.8%), Rhode Island (68.43%), Massachusetts (64.66%), Maine (64.57%) and Connecticut (63.51%).

At the bottom end of the scale in terms of vaccination are Southern and mid-Western states such as Alabama (34.93%), Mississippi (35.14%), Wyoming (36.81%), Louisiana (37.21%) and Arkansas (37.52%)

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