Energy prices threaten British vegetables

Energy prices threaten British vegetables
Credit: Unsplash/Gary Sandoz

Food businesses in the United Kingdom grapple with supply problems, high energy costs and a shortage of carbon dioxide, and the next victims could be tomatoes and cucumbers.

Both vegetables are grown in greenhouses and producers will soon need to begin planting for the next season. However, they also need to watch their fuel bills.

Heating greenhouses in winter is costly, especially with spiraling electricity and natural gas prices reaching record levels in Europe. Sources in the sector say some producers are thinking of reducing or putting off planting.

This compounds the difficulties faced by the UK food sector, which was already in difficulty. Due to a scarcity of truckers, British supermarket shelves are empty. Carbon dioxide, used in abattoirs, for example, is also in short supply, due to the high fuel prices.

Fertilizer producers have been stopping production due to high gas bills, and carbon dioxide is an important by-product of the fertilizer industry.

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