Italian man chooses supermarket over gondola in Venice for proposal

Italian man chooses supermarket over gondola in Venice for proposal
Gondola in Venice. Credit: Belga/ ETIENNE ANSOTTE

An Italian man proposed to his girlfriend in a supermarket near Venice, rather than doing it the traditional way as is the custom in the region, namely in a gondola.

The entire scene, which took place in a supermarket in the town of Mira, was captured in a video clip posted on Saturday on ‘Corriere del Veneto’ newspaper's website.

"My love, I wish to ask you something, in the presence of everyone here,” Salvatore Costarelli said from a cashier’s microphone. “I love you. You are my life. I want to ask you: will you marry me?”

Applause can be heard off-camera while the spotlight shifts to the cleaning products aisle where the young woman, Tiziana Famao, almost faints on her caddy.

The couple can then be seen embracing in the frozen foods aisle, after which Costarelli takes a ring from his pocket and places it on Famao's finger, after which they engage in a long kiss, to the delight of the cashiers, who break out in laughter and applause.

Unique gesture

The fiancée said she was taken by surprise since Salvatore is usually “very shy.” Salvatore, for his part, had prepared the scenario for his marriage proposal days in advance.

“I’d also thought of the classical proposal on a gondola, but I chose the supermarket to make her understand how much she means to me,” he said. “I think she’ll never forget such a gesture until the day she dies.”

The happy couple, employees and other clients finally celebrate the event with a bottle of Prosecco, chilled in the refrigerator of the supermarket, part of the Italian chain Despar.

The marriage ceremony is planned for December in Sicily.

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