Belgium’s national opera will honour conductor who died during rehearsal
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Belgium’s national opera will honour conductor who died during rehearsal

Patrick Davin (1962-2020) La Monnaie/Twitter

Belgium’s national opera house will not cancel a weekend opening of a new show to honour a Belgian conductor who unexpectedly passed away during a rehearsal.

The La Monnaie/De Munt Theatre in Brussels said it will go forward with the planned showing of ‘Is This The End?’ following the abrupt and “tragic” passing of guest conductor Patrick Davin during rehearsal.

Davin died on Wednesday in La Monnaie at age 58 after suffering a heart attack just as a rehearsal of the three-part piece was set to begin.

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“The unexpected and tragic death of conductor Patrick Davin during the rehearsals for this production made a deep impression on our institution as well as the international music scene,” the theatre said in an online note.

The decision to move forward with the opening of the Belgian-authored production was announced by La Monnaie on Friday  following talks with Davin’s family.

“In accordance with his family’s wishes and with the agreement of everyone involved, it was unanimously decided to uphold the opening of this opera, into which Patrick Davin poured so much love and energy.”

“The shows will be dedicated to the memory of the opera chief,” the theatre wrote. “Our thoughts are with his family and friends, with all colleagues who knew him, and with the many artists and coworkers closely involved in the preparation of this world creation.”

The representations of Jean-Luc Fafchamps pop-requiem production will be held on two opening nights on Saturday and Sunday.

David began his musical career as a violinist in the Academy of Huy and continued his musical education in the Royal Conservatory of Liège, where this year he was appointed director of the music department.

Gabriela Galindo
The Brussels Times