Exhibition portrays human trafficking through victims’ eyes

Exhibition portrays human trafficking through victims’ eyes
Credit: Pxhere.

A virtual photo-voice exposition mounted by the PAG-ASA non-profit organisation portrays human trafficking through the eyes of survivors, on the occasion of European Anti-Trafficking Day, celebrated on Sunday.

The ’Photo-Voice’ project presents the voices of 24 survivors of human trafficking who conceived and interpreted the photos to share their experience with the public.

The PAG-ASA, which focuses on fighting human trafficking and assisting its victims, has noticed a marked drop in the number of human trafficking complaints, but warns there is no reason for complacency.

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“We’ve received half the number of calls for help compared to the figures for the past few years, and only a dozen persons were involved in human trafficking situations,” said PAG-ASA Director Sarah De Hovre.

“At the same time, all indicators show that since the start of the crisis, more people risk falling into the clutches of exploiters,” she added.

The photo exposition can be viewed on line at www.pag-asa.be/photovoice up to 15 November.

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