Belgian Pierre Marcolini named best pastry chef in the world

Belgian Pierre Marcolini named best pastry chef in the world
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Chocolatier Pierre Marcolini has been voted the best pastry chef in the world as part of the "World Pastry Stars 2020" event, the Belgian announced on Monday.

Marcolini, who has 40 shops across Belgium, France, the United Kingdom, Japan and China, was unanimously given the award by a panel of independent journalists.

Born in Charleroi in 1964, Marcolini started his first business in Kraainem 25 years ago. With the help of the Brussels investment fund, the chocolatier was able to further develop his business.

Taking to Twitter, Marcolini said he was "glad" to share the news, adding " Thank you to all of you!!" - before taking the opportunity to show off an upcoming Yule log for the festive season.

"I share a little less with you about my job as a pastry chef, my passion for more than 25 years," Marcolini added following the announcement.  "World Pastry Champion in 1995, I was awarded today the title of Best Pastry Chef in the World by the WPS jury. Thank you to all the gourmets worldwide for your support."

The jury said that the award was a tribute to the virtuoso who has “internationally promoted the profession of pastry making through his creativity, his products, and his commercial and business value,” Belga reports.

Marcolini chooses his own cocoa beans to process them into chocolate in his studio in Haren and is known as the pioneer of the so-called bean-to-bar sourcing principle.

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