Here is the address for children to write to Saint Nicholas

Here is the address for children to write to Saint Nicholas
One of the 2,000 special postboxes. No stamp required. © Bpost

Children enjoying their extended autumn holiday can use some of the time to write a letter to Saint Nicholas, at the addresses announced today by Bpost.

The Saint has two addresses, so that the post office can divide them up into French and Dutch. All letters will arrive on the Saint’s desk, of course.

Children can post their letters in any mailbox or post office, as well as in one of the 2,000 special mailboxes spread across the whole country. The mailboxes are bright red as usual, and have the sign of Saint Nicholas’ mitre on top, as well as a white beard.

No stamps are needed, and every child who sends a message will receive a reply and a small surprise, thanks to the post office staff who are helping out. But be sure to put your own name and address on the back of the envelope.

And if you can’t write yet, or can’t be bothered to write, don’t worry: the Saint will be just as happy to receive a drawing or something you’ve made for him.

Last year the Saint received 300,000 letters from children in Belgium.

Letters in French should be sent to:
rue du Paradis 1, 0612 Ciel.

Letters in Dutch should be sent to:
Sint, Spanjestraat 1, 0612 Hemel.

Alan Hope
The Brussels Times

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