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Religions want to raise 15-person limit for services

Credit: Belga

The representatives of the recognised religions in Belgium sent a joint letter to the federal government to review the number of worshippers authorised to be present at the same time in a place of worship.

They request that the standard of one person per 10 square metres be reinstated instead of the current absolute number of 15.

“In these difficult and uncertain times, the need for meaning and spirituality is felt more than ever,” they said.

“For months now, a maximum of 15 people at a time have been able to gather in churches, mosques and synagogues in our country. Even though the life of a believer does not take place exclusively in the place of worship, many feel this measure in the long term as a drastic restriction of the latter”.

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The use of the standard of one person per 10 square metres “has proven to be less restrictive for religious practice and at the same time very protective of public health”, according to them.

The letter to Justice Minister Vincent Van Quickenborne is a joint initiative of representatives of the Roman Catholic, Protestant-Evangelical, Jewish, Anglican, Islamic and Orthodox faiths.

The Brussels Times