‘Corona Combat’: Belgian university launches game to kill virus
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‘Corona Combat’: Belgian university launches game to kill virus

Credit: University of Antwerp/screengrab Corona Combat

The University of Antwerp launched a computer game, called Corona Combat, on its website, in which players can attack coronaviruses as one of Belgium’s prominent experts.

Together we beat Corona, but the battle is not over yet,” the website of the University of Antwerp states, calling “Corona Combat” the “most infectious game ever.”

Players can play as Erika (Vliehge, infectious disease expert and chair of the GEMS expert group advising the government), Herman (Goossens, microbiologist) or Pierre (Van Damme, vaccinologist), to “kill time while they are waiting until they are vaccinated.”

However, the university also wants to use it to improve social contact between students and give them something to smile about in these difficult times, according to spokesperson Peter De Meyer.

“The idea is that they will play together. There will also be a battle between the different faculties,” he said on Flemish radio.

The game may seem familiar, as the university has made an adaptation of ‘Space Invaders’, the archetypal classic game from the 1980s, according to De Meyer.

“The highest scores will be saved,” he explained. “Last week, we tried it out with some colleagues, but the students have already smashed out high scores.”

Infectious disease expert Erika Vlieghe and epidemiologist Pierre Van Damme, who both have an avatar named after them, tried out the game as well.

“Such things are not good for blood pressure,” Vlieghe told VRT. “With this game, it is a bit like the epidemic: if you do not pay attention for a moment, the virus strikes.”

Maïthé Chini
The Brussels Times