Unauthorised carnival in Brussels ends in multiple arrests

Unauthorised carnival in Brussels ends in multiple arrests
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Capital police made multiple arrests on Saturday in connection with an unannounced “Wild Carnival” held in Brussels during the afternoon.

Law enforcers from the Midi zone – Anderlecht/ Saint-Gilles/Forest – arrested about 10 persons after being attacked in the Rue du Charroi in Forest in the aftermath of the carnival. Earlier, police identified about 10 other participants in the unauthorised event.

The Wild Carnival is held each year at the Place du Jeu de Balle. Participants make their costumes themselves, mainly from recycled material, and dance through the streets of the city.

Due to the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the procession could not be held this year, but that did not prevent about 200 persons from gathering at the emblematic Place des Marolles. The group then moved off towards Saint-Gilles and Forest, joined by additional participants and spectators as it went along.

Neither participants nor spectators respected the health measures imposed as part of the effort to curb the pandemic. At first, the Midi Zone police called on the crowd to comply with the measures but did not intervene. However, after their requests went unheeded, the police decided to disperse the group on Saturday evening in Anderlecht, in consultation with the mayor.

Clashes then broke out in Forest, leading to about 10 arrests.

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