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Record number of migratory birds over Belgium

According to Eurobirdwatch, a record number of migratory birds were identified over Belgium on Saturday. Approximately, 280,221 birds and 143 species were observed by 64 field stations. Thrushes were the most numerous. “In recent years, the census seemed to take place at the wrong time,” says project coordinator, Koen Leysen. “This time the situation was different. Numerous birds took advantage of the Indian summer to cover part of their long journey.”

In previous surveys, between 23,000 and 92,000 birds were counted.

Approximately, 101,000 finches were observed, however thrushes were the most present, including the song thrush (43,300). The drain thrush was highly visible as well as the Ring Ouzel (75) but to a lesser degree.

Other species such as the starlings or raptors, Pallid Harrier, and the red-footed falcon were also seen.

Last weekend drew 23,000 birdwatchers from 40 European countries for a total of 2.5 million birds observed. Belgium is second only to the Netherlands in terms of birds counted. Europe’s top three migratory birds are starlings, the coot and wild duck.

(Source: Belga)