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Belgian film « Violet » wins two awards in Montreal

“Violet”, the first feature film from Belgian director Bas Devos, won two awards Sunday night at the Festival of New Cinema in Montreal, Canada, reported the Flanders Audiovisual Fund on Monday. The film was awarded the Innovation Award as well as the Critics Award. The Daniel Langlois Innovation Award was awarded to an international film “renowned for its daring aesthetics, creative use of new technology and innovative ability in addressing a sensitive issue,” stated the Flanders Audiovisual Fund.

The Award of the Quebec Association of Film Critics (AQCC) was awarded to the best film in the international competition.

“Violet“tells the story of young BMX enthusiasts faced with the unexpected and violent death of one of their friends.

The film has already distinguished itself at several international festivals, including Berlin, where it was the world premiere.

After being presented at the Festival of Ghent, “Violet” will be released on October 29th.

(Source: Belga)