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Two baby elephants expected at Planckendael in 2015

Two elephants at Planckendael Animal Park are expecting. The baby elephants should be born sometime in 2015.This is a first for the Flemish zoo.  May Tagu,  a 9-year old elephant , will give birth for the first time. “A first pregnancy is always a risk, but we will make sure she gets all the care she needs,” stated the zoo.

The second elephant expecting is Phyo Phyo, a 33-year old elephant who has had four children. Kai-Mook, the park’s star elephant, will soon have playmates, something park officials have hoped for a long time. “We are very pleased and happy,” said spokeswoman Ilse Segers. “We have been dreaming of a playmate for Kai-Mook for a long time. Now she will have two. She will certainly make a fantastic big sister.”

 In October 2012, Planckendael, who decided to participate in the international breeding program for Asian elephants, hosted a breeding male, Chang, from the Le Pal Animal Park, located near Lyon in France. 

(Source: Belga)