25th edition of Europalia festival to celebrate Turkish culture

25th edition of Europalia festival to celebrate Turkish culture

On its 45th anniversary, the association Europalia International presented the 25th edition of its festival, this time dedicated to Turkey and to be launched in autumn 2015. It pointed out three new strategic areas the association will concentrate on. The first, and the festival's main objective is to "create together." In light of this, various joint projects have been developed between Turkish and European artists.  The festival intends to find a balance between historical and contemporary art.

The second area focuses on the younger generation with the 2015 launch of the "Spread your Wings" prize which will enable three young Belgian artists to spend three weeks in Istanbul.

The final area will be everything "international". Within the framework of this edition, the festival will develop joint projects in London, Cologne, Luxembourg, Berlin and Marseille. The festival has already developed partnerships in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Valenciennes, Lille and Paris.

"Anatolia, the birthplace of many a civilisation, is truly an open air museum," notes Ömer Çelik, Turkish Minister for Culture. Through all these civilisations, we wish to express tolerance and the ability to live side-by-side. When you visit to Istanbul, you can see synagogues, churches and mosques all co-existing. In Mardin, you see Assyrians, Syriani, Yezidi...many different beliefs who have been living together in peace for centuries.  Yet today, the Middle East is torn apart by religious wars.  These beliefs have always sought refuge in Anatolia. "     

The inaugural exhibition of "Anatolia. Home of Eternity", in Brussels, will explore the theme of 'rituals'. The second landmark exhibition, "Imagine Istanbul", will explore the city via the inspiration it has given rise to across the world.

(Source: Belga)

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