Belgian street artists paint 16 giant murals in Anderlecht

Belgian street artists paint 16 giant murals in Anderlecht

As part of the 4th Anderlecht artist festival “Itinérat 2016”, the Urbana association has organised two consecutive days of painting murals on 16 viaduct pillars bordering avenue Marius Renard and Tram stop 81 in Anderlecht. This will take place on Saturday and Sunday, between 10 am and 6pm.

Around 20 well-known Belgian artists from the urban art scene are creating pieces based on the theme “Giants of Anderlecht”.

The pillars offer between 6.5 and 9.7 metres of space for artistic expression. Among the artists taking part are Hell’o, Farm Prod, Eyes-B, Blancbec, Aien, Ebola, Derm, El nino 76, Dem os, Solo, Nean, Reab and Defo Dalbino.

Steve Locatelli drew Stromae, who he perceives as one of the giants of Brussels. Some artists drew a caricature of themselves destroying a town. Brussels artists Eres and Reset drew a giant mosquito, to play with dimensions. Lolo, an artist from Valencia in Spain, was invited to the event, and drew a half-human lizard.

To introduce the public to the world of graffiti, the “Walk the pavement” association organised guided visits over the weekend. Shuttles make moving between the different installations in the festival easier.

Through this initiative, Urbana hopes to publicise the work of urban artists, and get the “de Neerpede” pillars recognised as historic to the Belgian urban art scene. “This initiative has let us rejuvenate this spot. We have been coming to paint here for 20 or 30 years”, explained Adrian Lobet, who organised the event for the Urbana association. “It is not authorized on the tram side. That meant it was covered in simple signatures and looked dilapidated”.

(Source: Belga)

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