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Four world premieres at the Louvain short film festival

The 22nd Louvain short film festival started with world premieres of four Flemish films: “Patient Zero” by Lars Damoiseaux, “Perfect Darkness” by actress Maaike Neuville, “Neverlanding” by Wim Reygaert, and “Upside Down” by Peter Ghesquière.

The festival will be in the STUK art centre in Louvain until the 10th of December. Around 200 films will be shown on around 100 screens.

The premiere of “Upside Down” made a huge impression by showing a world populated only by autistic people. They are suddenly confronted with the birth of a child without the condition.

This year, the festival is concentrating on New Zealand, among others. The ambassador to New Zealand was at the opening ceremony to present two films from his country.

(Source: Belga)